Monday, September 21, 2009

RampWorks in Brazil!

The California RampWorks crew including John "JT" Tyson, Brian Harper, Tony Checcia, and myself, Dug Ketterman, have been enjoying the Brazilian lifestyle for the past week thanks to the amazing hospiltality of the Oi MegaRampa crew. We are here in not so sunny Sao Paulo, Brazil, overseeing the construction of the MegaRamp for next weekends festivities.

George Rotatori (Left), owner of Rotatori the premiere Brazilian ramp building company is shown here directing his crew on how to install the skatelite on the 27' quarterpipe without gaps in the seams, which if you have ever installed skatelite, you know can be pretty frustrating over large surfaces.

Renan Annize, our ever-so-important translator and quasi-tour guide getting down on some Brazilian nylon.
If you have ever been to Brazil, you would know how impossible it is to navigate the streets without the guidance of a true local of Sao Paulo.

I tried to get some better shots of Tony getting his work-on, but this skull-shot is all I got so far. He is shown installing one of the thousands of screws it takes to fasten the 200-some odd sheets of skatlite to this massive structure.

Notice the two-handed palm press grip...nice form Tony.

Here is one of the Rotatori builders, Guma, looking up the massive roll-in.

At first glance, you may think dead dog, but this is actually Bob, the site stray. He showed up one day with gum in his fur and wandering amelessly. After a bath and tons of TLC from the crew and security, Bob found himself a new temporary home.
He actually made it up the back of the landing ramp, pretty funy watching him slide down taking tiny steps all the way.

The giant tubs are used as counterweights to keep the 80 ft. tower from swaying in the breeze.

An interesting girls restroom sign.

This is one of the towers lining the parade grounds, used for cameras and security for the Carnival festivals.

We have plenty more pictures and stories on the way. The pros haven't even started rolling in yet.

Great shot of JT and Harper focused on communications.

photos/words: -Dug-

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